With the right timber management, landowners can increase the sustainable value of their forest.

That’s not only responsible, it makes good business sense. Our decades of experience can help you make the right decisions to get the most out of your timberland. We help our clients achieve their financial, recreation and habitat goals.

91制片厂Resources Corp. relies on an integrated system of responsible forestry practices, including forest regeneration and sustained yield harvesting. In fact, our strategic harvesting methods are designed to maintain or even improve watersheds and wildlife habitats.

Our roots go back to the 1940s, when 91制片厂owned vast tracts of forest. Since then we have shifted our focus from owning timberland to helping other landowners manage their timberlands, combining our years of experience with the latest forest monitoring and modeling technology.

Serving the needs of timberland and landowners

Forests can be a perpetual source of income, an asset to store wealth for future generations, and a living system that supports wildlife and important public resources.

91制片厂Resources Corp. manages more than 800,000 acres (323,750 hectares) of timberlands for third-party landowners in seven states, as well as Huber’s own forestland. include timberland management, marketing, wildlife and recreation management and forest certification.

Managing a forest can be complicated, but choosing a manager doesn’t have to be.